Center for Educational Access

Adjusting to a university setting presents many challenges for new students, especially for those with disabilities. The University of Arkansas makes every effort to offer equal educational opportunities for all students and is committed to improving the total university experience for students with disabilities.

The Center for Educational Access (CEA) serves as the central campus resource for the university community in regard to students with disabilities and accommodations to remove barriers to access in the academic setting. The CEA provides direct support for students with disabilities, as well as training and educational resources for the university community as a whole. 

In partnership with students, faculty, and staff, CEA staff members work with students individually and assist academic units to determine reasonable accommodations that will enable every student to have equal access to the full range of programs and services.

Needing academic accommodations? Think you might need them? Get registered with CEA so accommodations can be implemented quickly if needed. Whether you are attending courses on the University of Arkansas campus or taking Global Campus courses via the Internet, the CEA is ready to assist you. Feel free to contact them as you need to.

At any point during the semester, students can register with CEA and request accommodations, but accommodations are not retroactive. Provision of reasonable accommodations is determined individually, based on the nature of the student's disability, the environmental barriers encountered, and the content of documentation provided. Go to the Getting Started page on the CEA website for more information on the registration process as well as documentation guidelines.