Getting Around


Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, disability alone does not qualify a person to ride paratransit. A person must be functionally unable to use the fixed-route bus service. Paratransit service is provided to the following three general groups of people with disabilities:

  • People who have specific impairment-related conditions that make it impossible, not just difficult or inconvenient, to travel to or from the bus stop.
  • People who need a wheelchair lift, and a wheelchair lift-equipped bus is unable to deploy its lift in a particular location due to physical constraints of that particular bus stop.
  • People who are unable to board, ride, exit, or otherwise navigate the fixed route bus system, even if they are able to get to a bus stop.

How to Apply for Razorback Paratransit Service

To be eligible for paratransit van service, you must complete an application for ADA certification. Eligibility applications are reviewed by the logistics manager in charge of Paratransit Services. General approval and considerations for trip requests are approved on a trip-by-trip basis.

The application is printed in 14-point type and is also available in other formats such as large print, braille, or audio cassette upon request.

Applications and all information for paratransit service may be obtained by calling Razorback Paratransit at 575-6993 and speaking with the logistics manager in charge of Paratransit Services.

Accessible Building Points

  • Our Accessible Building Points map highlights the accessible parking spaces, accessible entry points, and single use bathrooms across campus. 
  • Priority snow and ice removal service will be directed in support of emergency services such as the University Police Department, the Pat Walker Student Health Center, transit bus routes, and other campus streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and education and general purpose building entrances (especially handicapped access points).

Extended Time with Door Openers

Many of the doors on campus that are opened with a card reader or accessible buttons can have the timeframe in which the door remains open extended. If you or someone you know would like to request extended time on door openers, please contact Facilities Management and provide the following information: ID Card Number, Last Name, First Name, and UARK email.

Reporting Barriers to Access

A barrier is an obstacle or anything that prevents a person with a disability from fully participating in in all aspects of society because of their disability. If you or someone you know is experiencing a barrier, please report it.

The Office of Accommodation and Accessibility Services will oversee any necessary changes and work with the appropriate campus department for any implementation. For example, any changes to facilities will be coordinated with Facilities Management, while technology changes will be coordinated with IT Services.

If you have an urgent facilities services request (e.g., inoperable wheelchair lift), you may call (479) 575-5050.